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Patrick Filliben

CHIM-NUKES: After the radiation settled on the Ukraine Urbania, only the chimpanzees remained...they became affectionately known as "Chim-Nukes."

Chim-Nukes by Patrick Filliben

EVENING CONTEMPLATION: How could i be the crude predecessor to humanity? Have i ever inflicted permanent damage to the environment, organized into groups to promote genocide on my species, or spend endless amounts of time and energy thinking of how to inflict an apocalypse?

Evening Contemplation by Patrick Filliben
Lysergic Lydia by Patrick Filliben

LYSERGIC LYDIA: Her world was full of trailing figures, intense self-examination, and during the first 5 hours uncontrollable laughter….

Blue Mooned by Patrick Filliben

BLUE MOONED: Her passion made her who she was...alluring, mysteriously sultry, and blue...

Eve's Riddle by Patrick Filliben

EVE'S RIDDLE: While being a man, Christ tried to decipher why the apple was a "forbidden fruit?"

Grapes of Filliben

GRAPES OF FILLIBEN: 2nd generation Irish and Polish Americans literally ate dirt during their first few years here...

Abraham Serving Bloodlust by Patrick Filliben

ABRAHAM SERVING BLOODLUST: Wanting to determine the extent of Abraham's exclusive love for Himself, God told him to butcher his only son...Then as a "Co-Dependent Psychotic Episode," He demanded he slit the neck of an innocent little lamb instead...

Deathers by Patrick Filliben

DEATHERS: If you're not actively pursuing PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING...then you worship death...

GOP MISTRESS: Her thoughts were always of herself, her clothes, her make-up, her appearance to all the men...all taking place during the minister’s sermon…..

GOP Mistress by Patrick Filliben

EDDIES: Not since Edith and Archie had a couple led such dysfunctional lives...

SHARK NERVE: 4 years of college could not prepare Marion for the predatory world of Wall Street...

PINK LACTOSE: She was at the park. Both her kids ran her ragged...she then realized that her lactation could not be mistaken for sweat...


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