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Patrick Filliben


DR. ABBY NEWMARK:….was almost thrown out of med school twice for abusing oxycontin. Jetison 3 years later, after graduation and she was the only doctor within 300 miles of the deepest  Congo..............

Dr. Abby Newmark by Patrick Filliben
Polluted Vaction by Patrick Filliben

POLLUTED VACATION: Her first night camping in the Delaware Indian Outlet she was too drunk to see just how polluted things had really become.

St. Judy of Cerebella by Patrick Filliben

St. JUDY OF CEREBELLA: Stem cell research saved her life, and consequently she spent the rest of her life battling the religious rights agenda to ban it forever.

Dorothy Day by Patrick Filliben

DOROTHY DAY: Patron Saint of the underpriledged……

Pensive Veggie by Patrick Filliben

PENSIVE VEGGIE: She hated meat. As a matter of fact she was almost a vegan. Nonetheless she couldn’t stop coveting her neighbors’ steak.

Religious Fervor by Patrick Filliben

RELIGIOUS FERVOR: After returning from National Guard duty in Iraq, Assemblies of God Parson McCullough’s conscience got the best of him.

Baby Bottled by Patrick Filliben

BABY BOTTLED: Gerbers baby food was found to have threshold limit quantities of benzene, lead, and arsenic.

DR PLUTARCK’S DILEMMA: How could he reprimand his son’s use of pot when he was hopelessly addicted to valium ????

Rad Rain by Patrick Filliben

RAD RAIN:……..the rains of Nagasaki carried with them more than just cool refreshing drops of water………

Genetic Croppage by Patrick Filliben

GENETIC CROPPAGE: At first the size of the bananas she saw alarmed Her to the point of anxiety. Then slowly she started to become aroused.

Indian Pier by Patrick Filliben

INDIAN PIER: Legal Gambling had made her and her tribe wealthy…..Spiritually she saw depravity like never before……

Oppenblue by Patrick Filliben

OPPENBLUE: Having successfully developed the most fierce weapon known to mankind , Dr Oppenheimer’s final years were depressed, invalidated, and futile….

Pam's Zoloft by Patrick Filliben

PAM'S ZOLOFT: After 4 months she slowly and painfully began to realize that she had become her mother……..

WALMART APATHY: Sweat shops consisting of women and children,being paid $ 0.34 cents  a  day  went  unnoticed  to the most conscientious American  capitalist…..

WalMart Apathy by Patrick Filliben
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