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Patrick Filliben

Human Charisma

Amy Sue and Hayden Tanlon by Patrick Filliben

AMY SUE AND HAYDEN TANLON:  …always enjoyed the beach until the day he was stabbed with a floating syringe…

Crystal from Queens by Patrick Filliben

CRYSTAL FROM QUEENS: …..never stopped

Holly Mowlak by Patrick Filliben

HOLLY MOWLAK: ..was torn between wanting to find a father for her 3 yr old son and serving the sexual pursuits of potential dates to that end….

Jaballah Bali by Patrick Filliben

JABALLAH BALI: …wished only for peace and the opportunity to sing his prayers loudly and triumphantly everyday….

John Riley - IRA by Patrick Filliben

JOHN RILEY - IRA: Prejudice is indeed a learned practice.

Kiya Yammamoto by Patrick Filliben

KIYA YAMMAMOTO: …distinguished herself as a proprietor of silk, unfortunately she intimidated most men.

Marian Soltiff by Patrick Filliben

MARIAN SOLTIFF:….a 45 yr old single woman most likely because she believed in herself, her talents, and her belief that she was not incomplete  without a man in her life.

Therapy in the Storm by Patrick Filliben

THERAPY IN THE STORM: Dr. DeAngeles counseled hundreds of couples successfully. Unfortunately she's now on her 7th marriage.

Wren Stopoloski by Patrick Filliben

WREN STOPOLOSKI: ..was ridiculed by her mother, harassed by her employer and disowned by her own father BEFORE her unwed miscarriage…..

Tamara by Patrick Filliben

TAMARA: ….believed that true ballet had to take place on water as well as land….

Stu Unger by Patrick Filliben

STU UNGER:……the youngest and only poker player to win the Las Vegas tournament 3 times…..

Multiple Redemption by Patrick Filliben

MULTIPLE REDEMPTIONS: ….were strategically achieved as necessary throughout his life…..

Ms. Poetry Prozac by Patrick Filliben

MS POETRY PROZAC: …..her mind was more grounded than any politician's.

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