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Patrick Filliben

Grace Unrecognized

Carol Reconsiders by Patrick Filliben

CAROL RECONSIDERS: It soon became obvious that she would have to choose between a "control freak" boyfriend or her abusive father.

Chlorophyll by Patrick Filliben

CHLOROPHYLL: Always having a "green thumb," Millie was known to talk to and resuscitate the most damaged trees and flowers.

Electric Zinn by Patrick Filliben

ELECTRIC ZINN: Outstanding author of a "People's History of the United States"……

Elonda's Freedom by Patrick Filliben

ELONDA'S FREEDOM: It took several years but finally she realized that if she was a man, her sex life would be envied and admired instead of ridiculed.

First Mudder Steps by Patrick Filliben

FIRST MUDDER STEPS: When does Mom let go...?

Gurnsey's Plague by Patrick Filliben

GURNSEY'S PLAGUE: While in Oregon, he appeared when the worst forest fires in the state history blazed away. Now in Indiana a week later, the locust descended like the plague.

Hatha's Plea by Patrick Filliben

HATHA's PLEA: She would sacrifice her home, her shop, her truck, but not her children to the U.S. bombardment.

Kathy's Career by Patrick Filliben

KATHY'S CAREER: Her pimp was the one danger she could not avoid...

Poppy Girl by Patrick Filliben

POPPY GIRL: Once you were caught in her gaze...she had you.

Shiite Mom and Child by Patrick Filliben

SHIITE MOM AND CHILD: Unfortunately the U.S. rockets did not strike them and slowly they starved to death.

Yakohoma's Awakening by Patrick Filliben

YAKOHOMA'S AWAKENING: Her precious nudity was hidden by the lotus...

SAND PLATELETS: The cost of 1 postage stamp was all the difference between between starvation and a morning meal.

Sand Platelets by Patrick Filliben
Vicky doesn't Get It by Patrick Filliben

VICKY DOESN'T GET IT: She was homecoming queen, she could drink any man under the table, yet she always found herself alone on the weekends.

Fran Bjorkly by Patrick Filliben

FRAN BJORCKLY: Class was her middle name...

TRINITY'S CAUSE: ...fighting global warming on her Elmira Campus to an indifferent student body, and hostile administration.

Trinity's Cause by Patrick Filliben
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