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Patrick Filliben

Farming Karma

BABCIA PROMENADE: ……just 2 months earlier, after taking a fall down the basement steps, my grandmother now walks 2 miles daily……

Babcia Promenade by Patrick Filliben
Beseeched by Patrick Filliben

BESEECHED: After her 3rd rave in as many nights, Emily finally realized that something more substantial was needed in her life.

Goths by Patrick Filliben

GOTHS: Were they trying to scare me, impress me, or lure me into bondage?

Letter 2 by Patrick Filliben

LETTER 2: My father's only letter he sent me. What for?

Monk Radha by Patrick Filliben

MONK RADHA: Struggling against your enemies only serves to make them stronger. Use indifference to decimate those who want to provoke you.

Pia Meets Poe by Patrick Filliben

PIA MEETS POE: Not believing in ghosts, Pia moved into 1781 West 8th St….only to meet an apparition she soon nicknamed, “Poe”……

Princess Ponti Ponders by Patrick Filliben

PRINCESS PONTI PONDERS: Was he in love with her or her money?

Stacey Looks by Patrick Filliben

STACEY LOOKS:……finally after sitting behind her and staring at her all night long….it turned out she was gay…..

Dr. Please by Patrick Filliben

DR. PLEASE: Was the urinary infection really cancerous?

EYEING THE BOTTLE: How much money would detain him from returning home to a wife who contracted genital herpes from his brother?

HEAVENLY BABIES: Their mother was apprehensive about leaving them alone with their older brother. But when she overheard on the baby monitor these words he asked,” Tell me about heaven…..i’m starting to forget….” She wept.

Heavenly Babies by Patrick Filliben

LIFE TREE: Sometimes in the end its only our emotional and intellectual roots which ground us in reality.

Life Tree by Patrick Filliben

O’HARE MEETING: We were supposed to meet at the Chicago airport after months of correspondence on E-Harmony. She was drunk, and hitting on a guy 10 years her minor. i kept walking and ended up in Baltimore……

O'Hare Meeting by Patrick Filliben
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